Description of the site

The Goods Shed is sited on the former South Wales Railway that ran from Chepstow to Fishguard.

It is associated with the nearby station buildings with both groups of buildings dating from a growth in the tinplate industry that was centred on Llanelli. The Goods Shed was the only one of the sheds on the line that was rebuilt as part of the economic expansion of the tinplate industry. It is believed that all the other sheds, albeit of an earlier date of construction, have been demolished.

The Goods Shed remains as an example of a particular type of functional building and is included on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest, Grade II.

The building is sited within the former railway goods yard in the centre of Llanelli, South Wales. It consists of a main central shed, approximately 55 metres long x 14 metres wide with a contiguous two storey office building at the west end of the shed, and approximately 16 metres long x 13 metres wide. In 1907 a steel framed, open sided canopied extension was constructed at the east end, approximately 37 metres long x 13 metres wide. The building is aligned east /west.

Internally, the main shed is, principally, a single open space divided into seventeen bays by single span, double collared, queen post roof trusses. The trusses are of pine and are braced both longitudinally and diagonally.

At the north west side of the shed is a staircase giving access to the upper floor of the offices together with two storeys of timber studded and boarded partitions forming office accommodation within the shed itself.

The platform within the main shed is raised above road access level and consists of what appears to be an ash surface over thick boards and timber joists.

The office block internally is divided into a series of rooms, some of which are fitted out as toilets, and of which two, at the ground and first floor northwest side of the building, are large enough to act as meeting rooms, although, probably, housing clerks in operational days.

To the canopied extension, the interior consists of a loading platform of timber blocks on an ash base and this remains in position. 

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